The Traction Tech Council is an exclusive membership organization for industry leaders, executives and decision-makers. Our mission is to help members stay on top of the latest technologies transforming the enterprise. The Council is built from the ground-up for enterprise innovators to discover and manage emerging technologies through a unique blend of live virtual events, Council field trips, and a powerful software platform

We support our members as they navigate the transformation of their industries, by connecting them with innovative people, products and ideas that create competitive advantage in the digital age. Our peer-to-peer network is invaluable for identifying the most important new technologies, discerning how those technologies integrate into your organization, exchanging ideas with industry leaders and peers, solving problems and making meaningful connections.


Innovation Leadership Forum

Our new, premium offering led by VP of Enterprise Innovation, Brian Watson, the Innovation Leadership Forum helps innovation leaders connect with other CIOs, CTOs, and Chief Innovation Officers and their teams through quarterly meetings, additional webinars, and curated discussions about the most pressing challenges and opportunities about innovation and emerging technology. Forum members enjoy all the benefits of the Traction Tech Council, along with facilitated connections and other services.


Traction Technology Partners manages and operates the Velocity Network on behalf of CRV, General Catalyst, and Mayfield. The Velocity Network provides senior IT decision makers with unparalleled access to the emerging technologies and leading companies shaping the technology landscape in the form of regular, private executive breakfasts, lunches and briefings in NYC. The network is designed to give decision makers the power to explore emerging trends, discover the most promising startups, and build community with peers who share the same challenges and successes within a private, professional network.


The Manufacturing Tech Council is a membership-based community for manufacturing technology leaders who want to understand how advanced technologies are transforming the industry — and how to use them to succeed.

Our mission is to prepare our members for a future that holds both opportunities and challenges. We provide a virtual forum to meet the people, products, and ideas that are driving manufacturing forward, and a peer-to-peer network to inspire the new ways of thinking and solving problems that are essential not just for success, but also for survival.

From additive and advanced robotics to augmented reality and generative design, there are faster, more efficient and more customer-driven approaches to the manufacturing process. Each day technology changes the way things are made, sold, bought and serviced. Join your peers and industry leaders who are on the forefront of this revolution. We invite you to engage in this endeavor of discovery and growth.