There are literally 75,000 startups out there. How do you find the one or two that can help solve your company's biggest problems and drive growth through the transfer of innovation?

You can wait for them to become household names, but by then your competitors have already discovered them.

We work hand-in-hand with CIOs, CMOs, business leaders, and chief innovation officers at Fortune 500 companies to scout startups and emerging technologies that can make a difference to their operations and competitive position.

Traction Technology Parters is an outsourced innovation platform that brings products proven by the external market into your organization.

It's not just startups that have high failure rates. So do most internal innovation projects at large corporations.

We bring innovation that is ready to scale right to your doorstep. At Traction Technology Partners, we will: 

  • Connect you with emerging technologies that meet your specific, strategic needs.

  • Leverage our global network of innovative, market-ready technologies and growth companies.

  • Implement a rigorous vetting process based on 25 years experience implementing a proven formula for success.

  • Deliver prepared presentations, strategic insight, and deep company and industry analysis.

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