Tap into the next wave of growth.                          

We build Emerging Technology Councils in partnership with media and executive leadership membership organizations such as the CIO Executive Council, Wearable IOT World, and C-Suite Networks, and craft custom Innovation Discovery Programs for corporate clients. Business leaders tasked with understanding and deploying new technologies—CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, Chief Data Officers—Learn about new areas of technology, Discover great startups gaining traction in those areas, and Connect with their peers facing the same challenges.

Core Capabilities

Emerging Technology Councils

Subscription-based councils for our partners such as the CIO Executive Council and Wearable IOT World that connect your communities to emerging startups.

Innovation Discovery Programs

Custom engagements for the enterprise. We deliver a pipeline of enterprise-ready startups aimed at your company's most pressing problems.

Custom Events

Organize a Demo Day at your company around specific themes.

An innovation discovery platform that feels like part of your own team.

We connect the best startups with enterprise customers. Working hand-in-hand with Council partners, CIOs, CMOs, business leaders, and chief innovation officers at Fortune 500 companies, we scout startups and emerging technologies that can make a difference to your operations and competitive position. It's not just startups that have high failure rates. So do most internal innovation projects at large corporations. Let us find the technologies that can solve your company's most pressing problems.