Through Emerging Technology Councils and custom Innovation Discovery Programs, we help business leaders stay one step ahead of change. 


Keeping up with constantly changing technology is the key to surviving and thriving in today’s economy. 

We build Emerging Technology Councils in partnership with media and executive leadership membership organizations, and craft custom Innovation Discovery Programs for corporate clients. Business leaders tasked with understanding and deploying new technologies—CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, Chief Data Officers—Learn about new areas of technology, Discover great startups gaining traction in those areas, and Connect with their peers facing the same challenges.

If you would like to explore building an Emerging Technology Council focussed on your target market, please contact us.

Traction Technology Partners is uniquely positioned to source and vet emerging technologies for our partners and clients.  We provide insight and access to the fastest-growing technologies across the enterprise.

Our partners are technology insiders with deep contacts across the technology industry, with experience building and running DEMO and TechCrunch, and growing Business 2.0, Fortune, and Fast Company. Through custom engagements with corporate clients, we become your innovation discovery department.

Traction Technology Partners brings 25 years of analyzing technology trends and a deep global network of the world’s top startup  founders, venture capitalists, incubators, and engineers to bear on solving our clients’ hardest problems.


The Innovation Discovery Program allows clients to take advantage of our unique capabilities, including our strategic insight, research and analysis, and deep network of startups, founders, and venture capitalists.

Traction Technology Partners engages with clients on an annual basis to deliver a consistent pipeline of emerging technologies based on their specific needs. Startups and product teams get coached and trained to deliver on how best to communicate the value of their technologies to an audience of business executives. Think of it as a series of mini custom DEMO events built solely for each client.

We work with CIOs, CMOs, Chief Innovation Officers, and executives charged with finding new technologies to help turbocharge growth in the enterprise. If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Discovery Program and what we can do for your enterprise, please contact us.


Our Services

Emerging Tech Councils – Subscription-based councils for our partners that connect their communities to emerging technologies and startups.

Innovation Discovery –  We deliver a pipeline of enterprise-ready startups aimed at your company's most pressing problems

Custom Events – We can organize a Demo Day at your company around specific themes.


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  1. Strategy. Reframe Problems In Light of New Products On The Market
  2. Analysis. Identify New Technologies To Turbocharge Growth
  3. Network. Source + Vet the Best Emerging Startups 
  4. Coaching. Help Startups Present Powerful Ideas To An Executive Audience